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Online Identity Management with Proton Pass

A couple of months ago, Proton — the company behind the end-to-end encrypted email service Proton Mail — officially launched its password manager Proton Pass. Proton Pass is an end-to-end encrypted password manager.

At its core, a password manager is a tool that helps you generate secure passwords and save them so you never forget a password again. If you care about your security and privacy, you should use a password manager because passwords are still the first line of defense for most online accounts.

Password managers make it easy to follow security best practices, like using a passphrase instead of a password or using a unique password for every website, without worrying about forgetting your passwords. It also saves you time by letting you log in with one click when you return to a website. Some password managers can store generation codes for one-time passwords so that the password manager can become their two-factor authenticator. Users can also create notes for sensitive information that aren’t related to online services, such as credit card information and Social Security numbers.

What Makes Proton Pass Stand Out?

There are several options when it comes to passw