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How To Setup A Phishing Campaign Using GoPhish - Part 4

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Hey. Hope you all are doing great. In my previous blog, we analyzed malicious emails to determine how destructive in nature they are. You can read it here. This blog is going to be a bonus one as a follow-up to those three blogs. In this blog, we are going to generate an undetectable payload using a tool called MacroPack utilizing Azure VM.

Reminder: I am using Azure VM, specifically Windows 10 Pro. You can also follow up with this in your Windows VM on either VirtualBox or VMWare.

Creating Resource Group

On the Azure dashboard, we can see many services (you should always explore these portals!) that we can use. But for now, let's click on Resource Groups,

There are no resource groups except the NetworkWatcherRG, which comes by default. NetworkWatcherRG represents the backend service for Network Watcher and is fully managed by Azure. Let's start with creating a new resource group for this purpose,

Here, we need to type out the name of the resource group we want. Click on Review + create,