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Is The University of Sydney Bootcamp a Scam?

In a recent live-stream on my YouTube channel ( I talked with a gentleman who had recently purchased the University of Sydney Cyber Security Bootcamp, which is a fast paced 24 week crash course into Cyber Security ( After talking with this guy for a while and looking at the website, myself and the other viewers of the live stream were left in shock. Let's discuss this bootcamp in detail and if this is a scam or not.


What You Get:

Is It A Scam?

As far as I can tell, this product offering is not a scam, however it is extremely deceptive. The content it gives you gives absolutely no guarantee of a job or any useful certification, not even from the university itself! It is seemingly designed to grab your money (and a lot of it) to make back for money lost on international students during COVID (or so I guess).

Should You Purchase This Bootcamp?

If you're happy with throwing away a large sum of money for very little, go for it! If you'd prefer some real training, head to and become a member of a growing community of ethical hackers who earn real world work experience and training from industry professionals.

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