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FREE Penetration Testing & Red Teaming Labs

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

I love free or affordable training. Who doesn't? Lets take a look and what's out there at the moment for you to grab a hold of and learn from for free or very affordably while actually being a good resource to learn from. A lot of these resources have been collected from my discord server ( so I must thank all the people that posted these resources for people to use, that I've collected into this blog entry for everyone to see. Lets jump in and learn some stuff!

Below is a list of 13 FREE Penetration Testing & Red Teaming Labs you can build locally to practice & upgrade your skills:














Other Useful resources worth mentioning:

Various code camp training videos:

OSINT Resources:

Easy use encrypted reverse shell:

PentestMonkey Cheat Sheets:

0Day reverse shell generator:

Red team, Blue team, Enumeration, OSINT and Pentesting resources:

Bug Bounty hunting with BurpeSuite:

Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science:

Applied CyberSecurity Society Cyber Training Resources:

Awesome CTF Resources (Create and solving):

Arsenal is just a quick inventory, reminder and launcher for pentest commands.:

Pentester One-Lin3r:

Beginner guide on Ethical Hacking:

Python in 52 weeks:

Pentest Resources

(Blue Team training):

This an excerpt from what I send to people who are looking for a way into cyber security training. Most of these are free or have free options available:

To wrap up this blog with a nice tidy bow, I really hope this has been helpful to you in your learning adventure within the cyber security industry. I must again thank all the people who sent through resources to my discord server, and of course if there are some resources missing from this blog, please do comment below so that other people who come to visit are able to find some new up to date information and resources.

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