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Believe it or not, The Burnout is Real!

In this blog, we'll see what is burnout and how it affects humans, their emotions, their abilities, and the hurdles that people generally face in the burnout. So let's start.

When I usually talk to people about the term burnout, they usually don't have the idea about what I am trying to say because they just don't really know what burnout actually is. And, if I say that one of you are actually in the burnout stage, they won't believe it. Why? Lack of Awareness, I would say.

Now, the question arises – What is Burnout?

Well, ..... Imagine a real-life scenario, where you start your day around 5AM early, start doing your day-to-day chores like having breakfast, gym, meditation, studies, work, etcetera. Then you go to school, university, or work. After that, it will be your lunchtime, and then back to work/studies again. In the evening, you might be working till late, or start hanging out with your colleagues or with your friends. Then you reach home, scrolling phone/studying/finishing daily chores, having dinner, and then you might sleep early or late, depends on your schedule.

I guess this is what the general schedule looks like, right? Well, it looks to me, and I am not saying if there is something bad in this schedule. I also have a fixed schedule that I am bound to follow to be in discipline. But have you given thought to this particular thing – Why,…

1. do we start feeling overwhelming, tired, sore, helpless, hopeless, or loser when we start working, or amidst working/studying?

2. do we feel that others are doing much better than us while even we're giving our 100% input to a particular work, and still getting bad results?

3. we get irritated, angry, spaced-out while doing chores/work/study?

4. we feel that I can't do anything, or maybe I am not suitable/qualified for this job/work?

5. we feel lost when talking to someone, become angry/irritated on silly jokes made by friends/colleagues?

6. Furthermore, we feel to do nothing, but just lie down on the bed, alone in the room with that unusual uneasiness that surrounds us?

7. do we feel unproductive all day, or lazy, or exhausted?

Enters BURNOUT! (:


Well, burnout is simply a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion from day-to-day chores/work, repetitive actions, prolonged stress. Umm… environment can be a cause too!

But yeah, that's what burnout is. And, you might not be aware of it while actually be in this state. Why it happens? When we start feeling exhausted, mentally wear down, starting to lose interest in the things we love doing, motivation keeps getting down despite whatever we do.

But what are the symptoms?

There can be many determining factors to know if one is in Burnout condition phase:

  1. Having difficulty to concentrate.

  2. Lacking energy to stay productive.

  3. Easily irritable, angry on colleagues, friends, parents over silly jokes.

  4. Having sleep habits changed.

  5. Headache, stomachache, stiff muscles causing mood change frequently, and tired body.

  6. Excessive work/study load cause mental exhaustion.

  7. Start eating junk more frequently, drinking alcohol more frequently just to feel light.

  8. Not getting appreciation from colleagues, partner, or friends.

  9. Toxic environment.

  10. Feeling to drop out from other fun plans.

What about Consequences?

You might feel so what if one is in Burnout phase?; Why should we care?; Everything will become right after few days or so; It is just a stress; or whatever…

Listen, you should not overlook the consequences imposed by burnout on emotional, physical, and mental life of a being. Let's look at how it can affect you at a base level:

  1. Because of you being irritated over small jokes, you might end up fight with your friends, colleagues, partner, or parents. The fight might be severe in some cases.

  2. You might have little or no control of work.

  3. You might spoil the fun moment.

  4. Furthermore, you might b