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17 Days & Counting..

The countdown has begun for my wife and I, as we get ready to depart Australia.

My next chapter in life, as a digital nomad traveling primarily through Asia is just around the corner, and to say I'm excited would be an understatement.

I've been planning this exit from long term contracting since around 2019, and honestly, it feels very surreal to be at this point where I'm just days away from achieving the first step of this goal. Don't get me wrong, I'm not quitting cyber security, and I still love contracting as a route to make money and make a living, however I think I've done it long enough now that I can happily put down the tools and focus more on managing my businesses, side hustles and hobbies - especially this newsletter and my YouTube channel, which is in dire need of some love and attention.

Sitting here in my now very empty house, with just my laptop on the floor plugged into a wall, I figured I should write something on my newsletter before things get really busy over the rest of this month, but for those of you who are interested, this is my plan for the remaining days of April, 2023;

Move out of my house and rent it out

Fly to Seoul

Fly to Hangzhou

Help a friend open a cafe in Hangzhou

Fly to Chongqing and present to a university about cybersecurity

Catch a train to Kunming

..and all of this is going to be done from the 24th to the 30th of April (except moving out. That will happen earlier.. like now).

As I said in my latest YouTube video the way I plan on making money, is to utilise this newsletter to earn a bit of money from advertisement (this one not included). Currently sitting at around 14,000 subscribed readers, it's certainly grown to a point where I think monetizing regular posts is a possibility, and something I definitely want to explore, especially as I have a unique opportunity to travel and work on cyber security, AI and automation tasks for my clients all around the world. What a world we live in!

So with all this said, and the plans well and truly underway, I look towards you all for your continued support as this website, my YouTube channel and my businesses gain a bit more traction over the coming weeks, months, and hopefully years. Without you all, this probably wouldn't be possible, so to you, I say a HUGE Thank You.

Here's to dreams and making them come true! 🍻

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