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At CyberSec Guidance, we cover a full-range of courses across all levels of your journey into Cyber Security. We teach a variety of classes spanning the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels of Cyber Security to keep you on top of your game.

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The Basics of Cyber Security is designed for those of you who want to dive into the Cyber Security industry, but are not sure what is involved. This course covers every basic aspect of cyber security, mimicking what is taught in a cyber security degree. Below is a list of each of the levels with what topic is covered separated over 3 levels.

an introduction to scambaiting.png

An Introduction to Scambaiting is designed to teach you what scambaiting is, how to help prevent scams, the methodology of a scam and examples of how scammers act maliciously. We will also cover how to utilise the common tools that are used for baiting scammers.

osint investigation tactics.png

In this course we cover everything involved in real world OSINT Investigations. You will learn what OSINT is, who uses OSINT on a daily basis, the tools used in OSINT investigations and the process of an investigation on a target individual, system or company.


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